Sunday, January 3, 2010


On November 13-14, 6 Dartmouth teams traveled to Providence, RI for the Brown tournament. Joe Huston '10 and Andrew Wansley '10 finished in-rounds with a perfect 5-0 record, but after a decisive victory in quarters, dropped in semis to finish as the 3rd place team. Joe was the 6th place varsity speaker, while Andrew finished 7th. Among our novices, Anuj Gupta '13 and Rachel Wang '13 had a breakout tournament; although they narrowly missed the novice break, their 3-2 record was impressive considering that both of their losses came against teams that made the varsity break. The other Dartmouth debaters who participated at Brown were Campbell Miller '12, Tim Goh '12, Richard Asala '13, Aditya Talwani, '13, Sahil Joshi, 13, and Ishita Kala, '13.


On November 6-7, Dartmouth Parli traveled to Boston, MA to compete in the Northeastern tournament. Northeastern is a "Pro-Am" style tournament, which means that each team was comprised of one varsity and one novice debater. This format gave our novices some valuable experience, as they were able to learn from their more seasoned partners. Andrew Wansley '10 and Anuj Gupta '13 had the most success of any Dartmouth pair, breaking and finishing in 12th place. Marcus Gadson '10 and Ishita Kala '13 had a strong tournament as well, just missing the break. Will Hix '12, Claire Kim '13, Jon Choi '11, Chris Kendig '10, Jacob Hickson '13, and Amy Zhang '13 also competed at Northeastern.