Friday, May 29, 2009

End of the Term Banquet Parli Awards

Blogging live from the first annual Dartmouth Parliamentary Debate Parlis

Maryam- Handles/Most Likely to be a Pro-Blogger
Shan Shan- Most Dangerous Novice
Lucey- The Tall-ass kid who loves Kalhua
Tim- "Milk"/Hippest & Most Complicated T-shirts
Prat- Katherine's Award/ Most Complicated Shoelaces
Will- Pong Terrorist/Most Impressionable Novice
Carsten- Most Gesticulatory/Most Supportive Roommate
Zehner- Beligerist Novice
Brady- Most Excited to See a Finals Round
Campbell- Most Nicknames/Soupiest/Freshest Coffee
Nathan- Most Willing to Listen to Wans' BS for Hours

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Novice Parade- Reminiscences of the '12s 1st Tournament

Pratyakash "Praty-pus" Srivastava and Campbell "Aw Shucks" Miller

Carsten Hansen and Alex Lucey

Maryam Zafer and Rohan "Brohan" Chaudhary

Natalie Burkhard and Timothy "TimTim" Goh

David Silver and David "Lumby" Lumbert

Jeremy Kauffman and Erich Hartfelder

Ryan Zehner and WIll Hix

Jingna Zhao and Yang Wei Neo

Shan Shan He