Thursday, October 11, 2007

Harvard University Parliamentary Debate Tournament Results

On the days of October 5 and 6, the Dartmouth Parliamentary Debate Team participated in the Harvard Parliamentary Debate Tournament in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

This was the first Parliamentary Debate Tournament for many novices on our team and gave them a chance to understand the complexities of Parliamentary Debate. This was also the first Tournament of the year for the Varsity members of our team.

Overall, our team was very successful at Harvard. Andrew Wansley '10 and Edward McNeill '11 had an impressive record of 4 wins and 1 loss and Sourabh Mishra '10 and Austin Zheng '10 rallied to a 3 win and 2 loss record. No Dartmouth team finished worse than a 2 win and 3 loss record-- an impressive feat recognizing that many of the teams were at their first tournament.

This week, we will be traveling to Brown University in Providence, Rhode Island for their annual Debate Tournament. The results will be posted next week in this same forum.

Testimonials from Members:

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Edward McNeill '11 and Andrew Wansley '10

As one who had only experienced Lincoln-Douglas debate in the past, I was eager to see what Parli had to offer. I'm happy to report that the Harvard tounament opened my eyes to the astounding diversity that the single activity "debate" can contain. While each round yielded insightful and interesting argumentation, the real value was in debating wholly different ideas in each round. I was forced to discuss points that I had never even considered in the past, and I'm certain that I'm better off for it.

- E McNeill '11

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Sourabh Mishra '10 and Austin Zheng '10

"My first ever Parlimentary Debate competition, which was held at Harvard, was a truly gratifying experience. Since joining the team, I've learned to organize my thoughts, come up with cogent arguments on the spot, and appreciate the beauty of eloquent diction and rhetorical flourish. Our team is truly talented and dedicated, and I'm definitely honored to be a part of something as wonderful as Parlimentary Debate"

- Austin Zheng '10

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Benjamin Lo '10 and Connor Beatty '10

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Michael Marcusa '11 and Reyad Allie '11

The Harvard Parliamentary Debate tournament was unequivocally one of the highlights of my time at Dartmouth thus far. Not only did my rhetorical and analytical ability improve drastically, but I made some great friends along the way.
- Michael "Tips" Marcusa '11

Parliamentary Debate has become a major part of my life since I have matriculated into the Dartmouth Community. Debate has created, for me, a world where I can exercise and cultivate my mind and a place where scholarly success is sought. The Harvard debate tournament connected me to a community of critical thinkers and incredible individuals. I had an awesome time at the Harvard debate tournament and eagerly await the next tournament!
- Reyad Allie '11

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Mostafa Heddaya '11 and Yan Fan '11

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Jonathan Choi '11 and Catherine Xu '11

Harvard was really a great experience for a first-timer like myself. The level of the debate and the consistent quality of the judging blew me away. And even though it was just a day or two of debate, I really feel that my arguments are more articulate now, my statements more polished and better formed.
-Jonathan Choi '11

Other Pictures from the Tournament

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket Andrew and Edward prepare for their first round.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket Sourabh and Connor discuss their cases in General Assembly.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket Ben has his game face on for debate.

The Parli Team finally heading home after their last round.

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