Thursday, October 16, 2008

Boston University Novice Tournament

On October 3rd and 4th, the Boston University Novice Tournament was the first to see the incredible potential of nine Dartmouth novice teams (one team was Brown-Dartmouth hybrid).  Will Hix and Ryan Zehner broke to quarter-finals with a 4-0.  Both also won recognition for their speaking abilities, with Will taking home the top speaker trophy and Ryan the 8th speaker award.  Dartmouth had four teams-- Prat Srivastava and Campbell Miller, Natalie Burkhard and Tim Guo, ShanShan He and the Brown debater, Rohan Chaudhary and Maryam Zafer--with 3-1 records.  Other teams included Carsten Hansen and Alex Lucey, Yand Wei and Jingna Zhou, David Silver and David Lumbert, Erich Hartfelder and Jeremey Kauffman. All the novice teams gained Dartmouth immense respect with the quality of their cases, arguments, and speaking skills. With more training from the great varsity members, the Dartmouth '12s will be fierce competition.  
The Novices!

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Great to see students balancing academics and extra curricular activities. All work and no play make dull students!

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