Sunday, November 16, 2008


The Dartmouth Parliamentary Debate team drove 300 miles to attend the Cornell tournament on Novermber 14th and 15h. All the teams met with a lot of success as Shan Shan He and Rohan Chaudhary placed as the 3rd Novice team. Marcus Gadson and Jen Gaudette went into the semi-final round as the top seeds with a 5-0 record. They emerged as the 3rd Varsity team. E McNeill was awarded the 6th Varsity speaker award, Tarang Agarwal the 8th and Marcus Gadson the 9th.

Jen Gaudette and Shan Shan He have fun after a day of tough debating


J.L. Hinman said...

Pardon an old dinosaur asking a question. I was in college debate in the stone age(1975-79). I never heard of "parli" and am fascinated with it. We did not have the multiplicity of different styles and organizations in my day. It was mainly just NDT, Pi Kap, and that was it. Only NDT was taken seriously.

Does Dartmouth still do policy debate? Do you have tournament for each? When are they?

I was in Texas so I never made it to a northern tournament. Of course Dartmouth was legendary even back then.

Joe Huston said...

Dartmouth has both parli and policy teams. The policy team is still dominant. The parli team is also on the up-and-up.