Friday, May 29, 2009

End of the Term Banquet Parli Awards

Blogging live from the first annual Dartmouth Parliamentary Debate Parlis

Maryam- Handles/Most Likely to be a Pro-Blogger
Shan Shan- Most Dangerous Novice
Lucey- The Tall-ass kid who loves Kalhua
Tim- "Milk"/Hippest & Most Complicated T-shirts
Prat- Katherine's Award/ Most Complicated Shoelaces
Will- Pong Terrorist/Most Impressionable Novice
Carsten- Most Gesticulatory/Most Supportive Roommate
Zehner- Beligerist Novice
Brady- Most Excited to See a Finals Round
Campbell- Most Nicknames/Soupiest/Freshest Coffee
Nathan- Most Willing to Listen to Wans' BS for Hours

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